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-Chicago Toy Show Meets the Market-


We have re-invented our facilities: Trades dealers to Exhibit A, Rabbit & Poultry dealers to Trades, Doll House dealers to Robinson Kitchen & the Atrium.


Our THREE enormous exhibit halls all feature TOYS (East, West, and Exhibit A (formerly Robinson Hall) backed by three more exhibit halls featuring TOYS in Trades South and Trades North, and DOLLS in Robinson Kitchen & the Atrium.


By changing the content of our buildings, each group of exhibitors has the amount of space needed to create the best display area.


Because we are extremely proud of our Chicago Toy Show, we always work and plan to ensure that each show is bigger and better than the previous event. After long and careful consideration, and facing growing registration needs, we realize that the content of our buildings must change beginning with the April 23, 2017 show.


Our Chicago Toy Show has overcome many competing factors in the past decades, and now we face new challenges from enormous exhibit halls featuring Mega Shows. We are responding to the demands of today’s new market by re-inventing our facilities to illustrate that the combination of our six buildings makes the enormous Chicago Toy Show the largest and most interesting of all events.


Beginning with April 2017, we are featuring all three of our enormous exhibit halls full of toys (East, West, and Exhibit A (formerly Robinson Hall) backed by three more exhibit halls featuring toys in Trades South and Trades North, and dolls in Robinson Kitchen and the Atrium.  We will continue to utilize Poultry for our over-flow registrations depending upon need.


We will become a Mega Show like no other, and we will do it with reasonable booth prices, reasonable admission fees, reasonable food, and free parking.


Looking forward to seeing you in April !!!



While only open to General Admission on Sunday of the Show Weekend, the event opens Saturday morning at 9am for Dealer setup and pre-show.


Saturday is always a big day with Dealers shopping the show along with Professional Buyers attending for first dibs.  Show stays open until 4pm Saturday, once Security is able to sweep out the building and put it under lock-down.  The premises are professionally guarded all evening until Dealer open on Sunday morning 6am.


Dealers may enter as early as 6am on Sunday, a full two hours before the General Admission is allowed in at 8am.  It is certainly recommended that all dealers plan to arrive by 7am Sunday in preparation of the big show day.


Full information is provided in Dealer Registration Confirmation Packet which is set to all who complete registration.