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October 20, 2020 9am

Updated 10/20 4pm:  This afternoon the State of Illinois addressed rising COVID-19 case numbers by receding Kane County from Phase 4: Revitalization to Phase 3: Recovery.  While we had hoped for a continued and constant state of wellness, we have already prepared and instilled guidelines for such a worst-case scenario.

Today’s revised stipulation by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) reduces special event venues operating capacity for INDOOR facilities from 50% to 25% total load (or 25 occupants per 1,000 square feet).  We had already planned for such physical contingencies and solved through dispersing our exhibitors throughout all the available indoor facilities.  Additionally, we will be utilizing an open-air (Swine Pavilion) facility which is exempt of these standards to handle our over-flow.  Please see our posted floor plans below to review our social distancing adjusted layouts. 

We understand that successful mitigation of virus spread requires both distancing requirements and human involvement:  social distancing through arrangement of spaces, sound hygiene practices, and compliance to wear a face covering (mask and/or shield) to reduce large particulate transfer.

Points of touch will also be reduced as we will be affixing entry doors in the open position to both limit touch contact and aide in fresh-air venting of our buildings.  PLEASE DRESS ACCORDINGLY as this weekend’s forecast calls for the low 50’s.

FACE COVERINGS are included in the IDPH requirements and will be required for entry.  Sanitizing Stations will be dispersed throughout the fairgrounds on tables outside of our buildings (look for the flags). 

We remain confident that through diligence everyone’s cooperation we can host and run an event that meets these guidelines.  Our website will continue to be updated with any new information.  Looking forward to a wonderful and safe event.

We have been receiving a tremendous number of calls and emails regarding our show scheduled for next Sunday, October 25th.  Apologies for any delay as we work through call backs and emails.

Like many areas worldwide, Illinois is facing rising numbers in COVID cases.  We continue to closely monitor County and State requirements, and are in daily contact with the Kane County Fairgrounds for any orders they have been issued.

Our adjustments in spacing and air handling continue to exceed current requirements and all operations are proceeding without interruption.

We will be following and requiring all proven scientific recommendations to promote safety, well being, and to mitigate risk for transmission.   

FACE MASKS, FACE COVERINGS and/or FACE SHIELDS will be required for all in attendance when on grounds and when near others- regardless if inside a building or in our open-sided Swine Pavilion.  

We ask for Social Distancing with 6' of space between your party and others.  Our booths and building layouts have all been opened up to allow for spacing.

Hand Sanitizing Stations will be located around the Fairgrounds and all our public restrooms will be open and ready to accommodate.

Through the above simple adjustments, we can do our part to help ensure a safe event for all in attendance.  

Thank you in advance for everyone's understanding and assistance.  Looking forward to a GREAT EVENT! 


October 25, 2020 Floor Plans

Please click an image to enlarge.  Plans subject to change.  Swine Pavilion OPEN!  Buildings all currently SOLD OUT.


Chicago Toy Show Sunday, October 25th

Kane County Fairgrounds, 525 S. Randall Road, St.Charles Illinois

The fourth Sunday of each April and October are always home to our event held at the Kane County Fairgrounds.  2020 marks our 47th year of hosting the largest specialty show consisting of only antique toy and doll collectibles.  We have 7 buildings full of exhibitors from around the world - scroll down to see floor plans of our facilities filled with the exhibitor booths.

Admission $10 per Adult & Kids 12 & Under Free!

Want an early shot at the show?  We've got you covered!

For the Main Event, we offer an Early Buyer's / Floor Rights Pass for $50 which starts on Saturday at 9am when our dealers begin set up day.  The weekend pass allows for entry on both days, parking on the grounds, and includes a spouse.  You can preregister, or just drive up to the entry gate anytime Saturday to meet with our attendants.

For an even earlier look, come see us at our pre-show swap meet held at our main exhibitor hotel.  If you can imagine over 90 hotel rooms jammed packed full of toys, then you've got a good picture of what this is!  Event runs throughout Thursday and Friday.  FREE admission and participating room directories can be picked up at the front registration desk.

COMFORT Inn & Suites

1555 East Fabyan Parkway

Geneva, IL 60134

October 25, 2020


Always Free Parking!

April 25, 2021


Always Children Under 12 Free!

October 24, 2021


Always a Great Time!


Exhibitor Resource Files

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COVID-19 Safety Procedures

October 2020 Show Contract

October 2020 Hotel Contract

IRS October 2019 Tax Document

Online October 2020 Exhibitor Registration

Online October 2020 Hotel Registration


Want to join our Exhibitor Family?

We offer booths starting with just one table and growing up to more custom setups.  All are equipped with tables measuring 8ft by 2 1/2ft and two chairs.  If you would like to join us at our next show, simply complete the information below and finalize your registration by paying for tables on our site or through mail.

What kind of toys describe your merchandise best?
Which venue are you interested in?

Need a Hotel Room for a night or more?

We have organized group rates for our exhibitors, helpers, and customers.  And if you'd like to get things going early, we host a free admission Swap Meet / Room Trading at our main hotel each Thursday and Friday before each show.

What nights do you need?
Which Hotel do you prefer?
Preferred Sleeping Arrangement?

About Chicago Toy Show

47 years of Amazing Shows!

As one of the longest-running antique toy & doll collectible shows, we attract everyone from the novice collector to the world-traveling die hard.  Our Exhibitors perpetually track down and bring in the rarest of treasures for sale.  You name it from Marx wind-ups, Hubley cast iron, Marklin pressed tin, Kestner bisque dolls, Kenner action figures, GI Joe, Barbie, Star Wars everything, all four Ninja Turltes and everything in between.  

All venues are fully enclosed and in close proximity to our free parking.  Come join us next show.


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