Chicago Toy Show COVID Safety Procedures and Safety Mandates:

After over 25 years as a professional architect, Herb has experience developing designs compliant with local building codes and restrictions.  COVID-19 has brought several changes for public environments with clear and concise specifications for safe public events.  We have been diligent in reviewing the State of Illinois Phase 4 Guidelines, and continue to stay abreast with updates, mandates, and current local health conditions.  

We will continue to comply with any new requirements issued for our October 24-25 event, and will modify our protocols as necessary.  Our revised building plans meet all requirements.  We stand ready, prepared, and confident to be able to maintain a safe environment for sellers and buyers at our October 25 Chicago Toy Show.

Building Capacity Restrictions and Social Distancing aisle widths and booth layouts:

To be compliant with Phase 4, venues must operate at 50% or less of the legal occupancy limit with intent to open space. To abide by this requirement, and to meet 6ft social distancing, we have removed and relocated one complete row of exhibitors from each of our buildings and stretched out all booths.  Please know that the relocated rows were selected based on floor space requirements - we had no other mathematical option.  We appreciate everyone’s understanding and flexibility.  

We will change back to our usual format when restrictions are removed.  These are our solutions for the October 2020 show to meet COVID requirements for a safe and successful show:

All of our single table dealers in Prairie Events have been relocated to Exhibit A.  We are fortunate to have this quality space with heat, outstanding lighting and washrooms to compensate for the additional space required by the COVID mandates.  This building gives us the capability to eliminate congestion in the show.

The narrowest rows in Trades North and Trades South have been relocated to Poultry and Rabbit, and the center aisles in both Poultry and Rabbit have been reduced to a single line of tables and chairs.

Besides adjusting the density of our building floor plans, we also ensured that the footprint of each booth meets the COVID spacing guidelines.  Some larger booths already met these standards, and now all booths are compliant.   The adjustments in our new floor plans provide 6ft distancing and account for seating requirements.

Our floor plans are always posted a month early for exhibitor convenience and customer information.  The October plans are posted already  to ensure that everyone can rest assured that our venue will be a safe environment.

Exhibitors must cooperate with state requirements:  

Please understand that the October 2020 changes for our show are required by state mandates.  Please review your specific booth layout to know your environment, and abide by the new open space stipulations.  Exhibitors are required to set merchandise on, above, and below the supplied tables.  Exhibitors are not allowed to bring in outside tables of any size, or stack boxes or tubs to make impromptu display areas in the required open space.  Exhibitor seating locations are also noted on the plans to show COVID compliance.  Booths and floor space currently meet mandated social-distancing and cannot be changed. Infractions jeopardize the whole show from being compliant.

Exhibitors may not compromise the ratio of COVID space requirements. All show tables are to stay exactly as positioned.  All chairs are to remain as positioned.  No additional tables or boxes or toys may be placed on the floor space inside any booth. If you need additional table space, please contact us so we may make arrangements ASAP.  

Fresh air requirements:

Prairie Events Center Building (West, East and Atrium), and Exhibit A building:

Mechanical Air Handlers will be running to enhance fresh air exchange rates.  To reduce common touch points, entry walk-in doors (NOT the overhead loading doors) will be secured in the open position.  Please dress appropriately and bring measures to secure your merchandise and displays so they are not adversely affected by air flow. 

Trades, Rabbit and Poultry Buildings:

These buildings  are not equipped with mechanical air exchange units, so overhead and walk-in doors will require being secured in the open position for air flow. These overhead doors are generally open anyway.   Please dress appropriately and secure your merchandise and displays so they are not adversely affected by air flow. 

Face masks and hand sanitizers:

Face masks are currently required under Illinois Phase 4 State Law, and we must require everyone to wear a face covering over their nose and mouth.  Exceptions can be made only for people with medical conditions or disabilities that prevent them from safely doing so.  To help comply with state mandates, face masks and personal sized containers of hand sanitizer will be sold at the entrance gates of the show.


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