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Antique World Shows, Inc:  the Chicago Toy Show

As one of the longest-running antique toy & doll collectible shows, we attract everyone from the novice collector to the world-traveling toy connoisseur.  Our Exhibitors perpetually track down and bring in the rarest of treasures for sale.  You name it from Marx wind-ups, Hubley cast iron, Marklin pressed tin, robots, battery-op, automotives, Kestner bisque dolls, Kenner action figures, GI Joe, Barbie, Star Wars everything, all four Ninja Turltes and everything in between.  

This is the largest running antique and collectible toy and doll show entering our 51st year of operation, still managed by one of the original families. 


All venues are in close proximity to our free parking.  Come join us next show.

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