Prairie Events Center West

Prairie Events Center West

Tables are all 30" x 96".  Single table booths confimgure with the exhibitor behind the table with customers out front.  Two table booths configure in an L shape, three and four tables in a U shape, and other custom setups are available.   *If mailing in payment, tables are $110 each. A $5 per table fee has been added if paying online to cover incurred fees.


    CANCELLATIONS: Credit issued through October 21, 2020. $25 charge for returned checks/insufficient funds.

  • General Info:

    1. A LIMIT OF TWO PERSONS is set for each booth: ONE exhibitor, ONE helper. Additional helpers will attend with the floor rights fee of $50 on Saturday.  One extra SUNDAY helper is allowed by submitting the name with your contract. No Saturday or Sunday helpers added one week before show.  Late names pay floor rights or Sunday admission. No exceptions except for children living at home who are welcome.

    2. SET UP SATURDAY: The West back gate (#2) will be open for entry starting at 9:00am and will remain open until closing at 4:00pm. Come set up your display and meet and swap with everyone from 9:00am to 4:00pm.

    3. SET UP SUNDAY: The West back gate (#2) and buildings will be open at 6:00am. for all exhibitors pre-registered on Saturday. Exhibitors not previously checked in will be met outside Gate #2 beginning at 5:30am to be processed. Customers will enter at 8:00am. Please attend your booth by 7:30am.

    4. SECURITY: A.S.I. is on guard Saturday, Saturday night, & Sunday. Buildings locked down Saturday 4:30pm. 

    5. INSURANCE: Exhibitors accept full liability for any injury or loss to themselves or their property and staff while attending the show. Exhibitors expressly release the management from liability for any loss or injury. 

    6. EXHIBIT CONTENTS: We welcome all antique and collectible toys and dolls as well as holiday heirlooms and advertising. No displays of items other than these. Fairgrounds management and Fire Codes require that no extra tables are outside your booth, and all boxes must be under tables out of the walking areas. Non-compliance risks having the building shut down.

    7. SHOW TIMES: Exhibitors must be set up by 7:30am Sunday morning and must remain set up until 3:00pm. The public will attend from 8:00am to 3:00pm and expect to see a full show. Exhibitors who pack before 3:00pm will risk losing their location.

    8. CANCELLATIONS: Credit is available for cancellations received before October 21.


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